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Invalid Time - result code = -2015 [SOLVED]

electric brother

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Hello everyone,

i am doing sound for picture in Logic Pro. I work on an mp4 file imported in Logic. Everything works fine until I right click on it and try to "export audio to movie". it used to do it just fine, no hassle. now almost everytime I do it, it renders the project slowly but surely, then at the end waits a few seconds then serves me the dialogue box saying "INVALID TIME - result code = -2015".

There is no reference to this code anywhere on the web as far as I could search. can anyone help me with this, please?

I am just trying to render a video file without the original sound that the picture had (or with it, it doesn't matter because you have a dialogue box during the process where you can chose whatever you like) and with all the music, sfx, voice over from my project, to be able to send it for a quick check-up by the director, producer etc.


I used to do this in less than a minute, no sweat, beautiful. Now things changed and I do not comprende! -))


Thank you so much!

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