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SP-2 Sustain Pedal + Logic Pro 9


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I just got the SP-2 sustain pedal from m-audio to use with my m-audio oxygen49 midi controller. I mainly wanted to use it for sustain on the virtual pianos in logic pro. I plugged it in to my midi controller and it seemed like it was going to work. (When i pressed the pedal down I got the 127 value and then 00. ) But it doesn't seem to do anything when I try to use it with any software instrument. Do I need to change some settings in logic pro? Install a driver? Any help would be awesome.



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You should see CC64 as the controller number, 127 when you press on the pedal and 00 when you let it go. If it's the contrary, there's a little dip switch under the pedal to change the pedal's polarity.You should load a piano patch to make sure everything's ok as some synth patches have fast decay settings and a 0 value as the sustain, in such cases holding the ssustain pedal won't do much for you...



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Sounds like everything should work, but you say it doesn't.


"... 4. Sustain Pedal Input:

The Sustain Pedal input accepts a 1⁄4” TR jack plug. It is located on the rear or back panel as shown in the illustration. The sustain

pedal controls the hold length of any note played on the keyboard. However, the pedal is fully programmable and can be used

to control other effects.

The polarity of the sustain pedal is determined when you power up your Oxygen controller. The state at power up is assumed

to be off. If the pedal is not pressed at power up, the pedal will be on when pressed, and off when released.

• The sustain pedal is an optional accessory and is not included in the package."

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