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Separate clefs in score set


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I have created a score set containg three synts voices, bass and two guitars.

Somehow the three synth voices has a Treble-clef and the bass and guitars has a bass-clef.

How ever i want one of the guitars to have a treble-clef, but then the other guitar and the bass changes as well.


They seem to be linked somehow (as do the three synth voices), but I can´t figure out how to unlink them?

I have tried removing all connections in the score set window but it does not help.



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First, you should know that the score set has nothing to do with this situation.


In Logic, a "staff style" is assigned to each region automatically depending on the range of the notes you played. If a region is assigned to, say, the Treble staff style, its appearance in the score editor will show a treble clef, amongst other things. Now, when it comes to Logic automatically assigning a staff style to a region, sometimes it guesses incorrectly, but you can change this by viewing the region in the score editor and changing the Style (Staff Style) to a more appropriate one.


However, if you have a part that shows up with the wrong clef, changing the clef by dragging a clef symbol from the Partbox onto the staff is not the way to go. This is because doing this changes the actual programming of that Staff Style. And If multiple parts are assigned to the same staff style (say, bass), then dragging a treble clef onto the staff for one part that uses the bass style will change the appearance of all other parts which also use the bass staff style.

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