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Logic studio install issues


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Hello Everyone!


After installing logic studio 9 on my iMac i don't have access to the full capabilities of the software i can't use anything from the compose or produce tabs and in the explore tab i can only use empty project if i do click any of the other options logic just locks up and wont do anything and all the options when i click on logic in the top left are grayed out then i have to do a force quit on it just to close it


I have this problem still after 5 installs and after the 4th i even formatted my drive just to see if that would help i would just like it to work properly.


also just to let you know i am running the latest snow leopard and the version of logic studio is 9.1.1 i will be upgrading the logic version when i have fixed this issue.


I also cant open the demo content from logic including the Lilly Allen stuff and the numbers games from the cd :-(


if anyone can help that would be amazing.

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