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Justin C from Tool - how to replicate?

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So I realize there's a lot of money to get that sound, but let's go Logic wizards!!


A few things I've picked up from across the web


1- technique is pretty important - the guy uses a pick aparently which makes sense as it brings out the higher frequencies (at least I've noticed being a guitar player)

2-he runs 3 sounds simultaneously; DI, clean, and distorted. THose are mixed accordingly.

3 - he uses a couple mxr pedals, bass pedals that do lots of interesting things (video)

4- in the studio he'll use different guage strings depending on sound needed (can someone help me with this, again am poor gtr player)


I struggle in a few area. my bass is not a Wal, but a Peavey Milestone III on loan from an amigo. I dont use pedals...ever so I don't really know what I'm trying to imitate (I've always been a minimalist and since Logic... ^_^).


I'm trying to figure out how to get ballpark so I can sort of craft my own sound but his do be a fine starting point. I don't want the record I'm working on to have a boring bass...there's lots of cool stuff you can do on a bass and I need it to stand out, yea? So I'm curious if any of you know how to achieve this in Logic with an average bass.


Logic 8 ^_^ like I said...poor!


[edit] - good video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Kat6WNUS-k)

[edit2] - I will post up my jumble of stuff once I get something passable. I also realize this doesn't really help without giving reference to WHICH song's sound I'm going for ^_^ It do be: The Pot

[edit 3] - yea had some problems, will post up later. think I have success but not with the distorted bit that gets a little love. hard to even hear on the ablum.

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I think I did ok? Sorry it took so long (for those riveted for the conclusions! I'm not using QUITE this sound but I used Schizm, The Pot, and Jambi as guides. This is from The Pot and in my RP-21's it sounds real close. Had to add more bass when I put em on my pc speakers.


do you guys want the channel strips? I think it'd be neat for if I'm terribly far off or maybe you could look at my strips and see redundancies or tips? yea?


http://www.filehost.ws/u5s3yfoybgls - click the down arrow that says "slow free"


sorry, I usually use dropbox but I'm realizing that I'm plastering my dropbox userID all over the web =P any word on if that's sorta-kinda safe or not?

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