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Remove Sample From EXS24 Zone


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I have a template that has several EXS24s with one zone per instance. The zones are empty so that I can load samples by dragging them onto the zone. However, I was jamming in Logic and even though I clicked don't save, the samples that I dragged onto some of the zones remain. I can just delete the zones and replace them but can I not just unload the samples from the zones so that I have empty zones again? I really hate all this saving EXS24 samples with Logic project.
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I agree ...... EXS24 "save" options and function are very poor. EXS24 is one of the most neglected areas of Logic.


It seems that this part of Logic is no longer prioritized as if people don't wish to make their own instruments anymore .... a sign of the "preset" world we all now live in.


This is the age of Fast Food Sample Libraries whereas I'm an Organic man myself!


For 10 years I used Samplecell (2 Nubus cards cost £2000 then updating to PCI cost a further £2000!) ... these now redundant DAW samplers could have been taken as fine examples in the way they functioned by Logic. I sampled and saved lots of my own instruments using SC. I now think twice before bothering to make my own instruments in EXS24 unless it's absolutely necessary because IT'S SO CLUNKY AND TIME CONSUMING TO DO. :(


Before Samplecell I had an Emulator which in the mid 80's I did a huge amount of sampling on. To this day ..... some of the instruments I made (with my own recorded source material) sit in my "go to" EXS24 instrument library. (although transferred from 8 bit audio technology) The EMU II in 1984 had a better overall "sampling" and instrument making design flow. For heaven's sake each voice (zone) even had it's own ADSR setting ....... EXS24 has one overall envelope shaping setting ..... pre-historic!


I'd love to think there were the possibility of a re-work of the architecture for manipulating and SAVING EXS24 instruments ..... it would wonderful to think there are peeps out there still being encouraged to make their own DIY instruments.

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