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Weird behavior Logic and M-Audio KeyRig 49

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Hello, experts :)

I'm using Logic Express 9.1 and M-Audio KeyRig 49 usb keyboard and just recently noticed one weird thing: pitch bend knob on the keyboard (M-Audio) started to control also the volume along with pitch bend, and default volume slider stopped working. It looks like it had happened for no obvious reason, there were no settings changes, no heavy objects falling on the keyboard etc...

I'm trying to look into M-Audio troubleshooting, so far, for no avail...

Wondering, can it be Logic problem?

Unfortunately, there is no other keyboard controller available at this time, so I can't just take another one, plug in and try.

Other than that there is no problems, Logic works well.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



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I am having the same problem using an old Roland A-80. Factory reset, but still didn't help problem Curiously, the pitch wheel does not cause this ever, only the joystick. Really infuriating for a few years now.
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I thought the problem went away a while back (from previous posts a couple years ago.) It's back again. Connecting another keyboard could help you troubleshoot I guess, but I have had problems connecting two at the same time, trying to get them to do different things, I'll just say. I do have an M-audio controller here I use occasionally when I need true waterfall action for organ/synth parts, but it doesn't have a joystick to test whether the CC7 problem is hardware or software related.


So weird, as relatively simple as MIDI architecture is (compared to a DAW like Logic), there isn't some backward-engineered, simple interface for, say, plugging in a new, additional device, where it goes (hey, nice new controller—what would you like to call it, and what would you like it to do?) Let's not talk about the environment editor—I've only ever done more harm than good in there, and had to reset to defaults several times. Yes, I know it's powerful—maybe too powerful a hammer for a fly as simple as MIDI.


This is one of the few instances where I wouldn't mind a "Clippy" type character dancing around, singing a song asking me what I want to do.

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