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Tips to protect hearing using Logic 9 (help!!)


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Hi All,


New to the forum, and relatively new to using Logic Pro 9.


I was using Logic on my laptop today when I experienced some super loud feedback through my headphones. Needless to say, it was loud enough to get me off of Logic for a bit.


What was I doing? Editing an acoustic guitar clip, experimenting with echo and tape delay. The track had one existing effect: amp modeling with a small amount of gain. The track was soloed, (-7DB) and my computer volume was at around 60%, going through headphones.


Twice, I got extremely loud glitchy sounds that just shocked the crap out of me. Any tips on minimizing (or all together eliminating) hearing damage risks while working with a DAW such as Logic?


Many thanks in advance

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There's no joy in getting your ears zapped like that, but if the feedback you're referring to had anything to do with the delay effect, then this kind of thing has been going on for decades -- when people use delays and have the feedback turned up too high.


Sure, you can use a limiter on the output, but that's going to affect the sound of everything you are working on. Suggest you install the limiter on the Aux that's hosting your delay effect(s) instead. On top of that, make it a point to work with the volume turned down as you experiment more and get a feel for the behavior of delay feedback, and where the tipping point is. Once you get things under control you can ease off the amount of limiting, or perhaps even eliminate the limiter altogether.


You also mentioned glitching. That's different from feedback. Without seeing/hearing what's going on, it's very hard to suggest what could be causing that. But in terms of protecting one's hearing, listening a lower volume levels when experimenting with new effects -- particularly ones that can generate massive amounts of gain (guitar amps) or feedback (delays) is by far the easiest option.

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