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song damaged


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7.2 song files are not backward compatible with 7.1x. Can't be done.


BTW, 7.2 is not necessarily better than earlier versions. There maybe be the odd bug-fix here and there in 7.2, but nothing major. It's main purpose was as a UB version of Logic. There are plenty of people still on 7.1.1 because, though it's buggy, it's stable. There are some significant problems with 7.2.x, things that work fine in 7.1.1 but got broken in translation. I guess "significant" depends on the kind of work you do, but those problems are there nevertheless.


Anyway, you're song is not damaged, but if you try to open it in 7.1.x it will be reported as 'damaged'. But what it really means is that 7.1.x simply can't open it. Incompatible format.

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