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Automatically open plug-ins on 2nd Display?


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@hungryDave, I don't really understand how the whole window link thing works,but i will give it a try.I hope that it means when I open a project, that the soft synths it will automatically open on my second display,because that's the display where I do all my programming.

@Atlas007, do you mean that you use the window link regularly,if so can you explain how this works,and if not can you explain how you achieve this without the window link. Thank you both for your replies.

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Regarding the Window Link feature, a little reading will clarify the topic:


When the Link button is enabled on the plugin, it will make its window display the selected track's instantiated plugin instead of opening a new one.

Regarding the position of the various windows when using Logic, I suggest you read the following that will explain its Screensets feature that addresses this issue:


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