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When a clean install isn't a clean install........

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I've been helping out a couple of people privately, who reported here that they had issues with Logic after upgrading or starting afresh with Lion or Mountain Lion.


In each case they claimed they had done a 'clean install' but the truth was, they hadn't.... In one case they had installed an out of date driver for their Logitech mouse and in another, they had installed a gmail email checking app that they 'couldn't do without'.


Those are not clean installs... A clean install of Logic and OS X is exactly that.. Absolutely nothing else installed.. No extra drivers (even if you normally need them..) no small apps.. no anti virus programs.. Nada.. If you want to trace the exact cause of an issue and everything else has failed then do a completely clean, fresh install of OS X and then install Logic and do nothing else. Then, test and see if you have any issues.....


In both cases, I mentioned earlier, once a 'real' clean install was done, the issues they were having, went away completely. Their systems became quite stable.... In the first case, once the correct, up to date, logitech driver was installed.. the issues they were having never re-appeared and in the second, installing the Gmail checking app, caused the issues to start up again. Deleting it fixed the issue once more... even though it had 'worked flawlessly' with the previous versions of the OS they had used...


It's just common sense to first of all, eliminate every possible alternative cause... no matter if they shouldn't affect things.. because you just never know and when everything has failed, in trying to track down and fix the issue.. then a true "clean install' is usually the only way of identifying the real cause of the issue, no matter how unlikely the cause may be.


Hell, I even found a client who had an issue with Logic starting up, which was caused by the old Linksys Router he was using.. that somehow, blocked the computer from contacting Apple's security servers... (he was also having some weird issues with iCloud not syncing all the time, on his other Mac...) Once the router was taken out of the loop, Logic started up without issue... (and iCloud worked flawlessly again) so again, you never know the real cause until you take the time to fully eliminate every other possibility.


Just some friendly advice to save you much wasted time when you do get issues... It's a drag to do all this but well worth it in terms of the possible much greater loss of time in the long run.


Also, once you have a stable system, make a clone of the drive with CCC or something similar.. Then, in the future, if you install something that screws things up you can quickly and easily go back to your stable setup in a matter of a couple of hours rather than being stuck for days trying to manually undo whatever you did...

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