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Possible Project File Corruption?

Hippie Money

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hey guys! been using logic for about 3 years, but i seem to be stumped on this one!


ok, problem:


in one of my tracks i had ultrabeat playing a simple beat (in multi-output mode). i starting noticing that the first kick that started the beat would sometimes kinda faded in instead of hitting immediately on the midi note (i had checked everything: possible routing problems, attack envelopes, accidental BPM changes, etc.) i then decided to just screw it and bounce it in place and get a good bounce, which did work! unfortunately after saving and returning to it the next day, ALL audio files seemed to play late. The new BIP drum track AND the guitar tracks were playing at what seemed to be a few mili seconds late. i would nudge by samples to return them in-time by ear to see that the waveform peaks (kicks, snares, beginning of guitar riffs) didn't even line up with the ruler or grid.


also i have notice that the whole session seems to be pushing my CPU WAYYY harder than it should. I had even stripped down all the CPU intensive plug-ins to find it still almost hitting red.


is this just a corrupt project file or did i miss something? anything will help! thank you!


oh, and if it probably is a corrupt project file how would you guys go about moving everything into a new one? i'm going to bed now and will immediately hack away tomorrow morning! will probably just bounce everything in place and move on, but if there's a better way please let me know.


thanks again guys!!! and girls!

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All of a sudden I'm having exactly the same problem as Hippie Money. Nothing has changed on my iMac, last week everything was fine, and now each time I bounce and create mp3's my tracks corrupt. Sounds awful! I've noticed my activity monitor reading 104% - 156% when bouncing.


Never had this problem before and Mac store simply tell me it's my CPU [too old] yet it's been working just fine for the past 12 months.

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