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Searching for particular sound within Logic


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I believe the Project Manager is only for the EXS.


Anyone try Kore from NI yet? I believe it's a preset management app. Not sure if includes any template for Logic yet.


Jay Asher hipped me to Redmatica (Thank you Jay! You can see his picture on the Redmatica.com site) for EXS management and it also has a cool app called Autosampler for sampling all of your synths into EXS instruments, which will then be categorized by the Manager, and another app called Keymap for EXS instruments.


I thought Apple would be buying Redmatica for these apps and including them in the next version of Logic but am now doubtful. :-(

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Project Manager deals with ALL media files on your machine. By all means, download and read Edgar's PDF regarding it's purpose.




(what I don't know/think it does is deal with 'patches' within softsynths). Spotlight certain can find them (just do a spotlight search for 'bass' and you'll see what I mean.


Kore is VERY cool (Especially with Komplete 4). I haven't had enough time with it, though, to get my non-NI synths and patches loaded/catagorized yet. But it works great....


which..NOW...makes me wonder if Kore WILL add all of Logics softsynth's to ITS database....something to check into when I get home tonight..


anyone else done this?

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