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Motif ES8 or Privia PX-330 as controller [SOLVED]


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Hi. I've been trying to connect either of my keyboards to Logic Pro 9 to function as a MIDI controller, but I continue to be unsuccessful.


Both of them appear in Audio MIDI Setup on the MIDI screen (I have OSX 10.7.4 on an iMac). Do I need to draw lines between them and anything else?


In Logic, when I go to Logic Pro > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Setup, I am completely lost. How do I connect my devices? I just need one, preferably the Motif ES8, but either will work. I can connect either through USB direct into the iMac or thru MIDI cables thru my MBox 2 Pro, or the Motif has the MLan 16e with FireWire, but I read somewhere that won't work on my OSX version.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Do I need to draw lines between them and anything else?

No, there's nothing to do.


Any incoming MIDI data is automatically recognized by Logic. If you create a software instrument track and choose a sound in the library, you should be able to play that sound from any connected MIDI keyboard. Just connect them directly to your computer via USB.


If you want to use faders/knobs to control on-screen parameters, use this: Quick Guide to using a MIDI controller with Logic

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