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Anyone know a app to test audio plugs?

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Peace everyone


I used to run this application called RAX http://plasq.com/rax., later they started charging for it and now they discontinued it, left as RAX2.


This application allowed you to load up your plugs fast for testing., so the question obviously is if anyone has come across anything like RAX2 which loads much faster then Logic does and allows you to test Instruments and effects?


Thank you again

Mike and Gabe

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if you install the developer tools that come on your OS X dvd, you should find the following app has been installed:


/Developer/Applications/Audio/AU Lab.app


It's a small AU FX/Instrument host built by Apple so AU developers had something to try their AU plugs out in. The first time it has to scan all your plugs, so it can be a bit slow, but after that it loads up pdq.


Hope that helps.

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