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Manually navigate "New Tracks" dialog box? [SOLVED]


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When you create a new track in pro tools, you can 'Opt + arrow' to navigate around the parameters within the new tracks dialogue box without touching a mouse. Can logic do this? Somehow?


I need to program macro buttons on an Avid MC surface, but you have to have physical key commands, not mouse clicks. In the new tracks dialogue box, is there a way of selecting




External Midi


Without physically clicking the mouse button?

If I can program one button to create each type of track, and lock it to the MC Control it actually will save time.

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1) Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Keyboard Shortcuts and enable Full Keyboard Access for All Controls.


2) Press Tab to go to the next parameter, Shift-Tab to go to the previous parameter.


3) Press Up/Down arrow to select a value for a parameter.


4) Press the Spacebar, Enter or Return to confirm a parameter value.

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