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Logic Getting Stuck / Hanging 10.8.1


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Anyone else having problems with logic hanging / not responding after upgrading to 10.8OSX


Havent tested 32 bit mode but in logic 64bit it hangs / freezes and becomes unresponsive when i try to stop playback. Logic keeps playing then about 30 seconds later, its like it comes back to life.


Will happen with blank project after a small load is put on logic, doesn't matter what plugs i have on my tracks, (using all 64 ones to test) i still get problem.


Just wanting to see who else getting quirky behavior. System specs below in sig.

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To rule out 3rd party driver issues:

- Hold down the Control key immediately after clicking on the Logic app. Select "No". You'll be using the OSX built-in Core Audio vs your interface. If the problem goes away, then there may be an interface driver issue.


You can option-drag copies of your Logic preferences to the desktop as a back up. Then use the "initialize All Except Key Commands" in Logic>Preferences>... If that doesn't change the problem, you can drag back the original preferences.


External hard drives are cheap.

These days everyone should have a cloned backup whether via Time Machine, SuperDuper, or Carbon Copy Cloner.

It's safer to test an upgrade on the cloned backup to make sure it works before upgrading the main system.

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I think the OP is probably suffering from the issue discussed in this thread...




Currently there is no reliable solution other than to downgrade to SL and even that can have the same issue though much less likely to do so. We are awaiting a fix from Apple to resolve this issue that some people are having.

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