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Amin Bhatia's Interstellar Suite 25th Aniv. 5.1!!


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(shameless plug)


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After twenty-five years of cards, letters and emails about The Interstellar Suite, we hear you. You’re the reason this sci-fi synth orchestral adventure has remained alive, and yes… it’s high time this cult classic got remixed in surround sound. It’s the very least we could do for our amazing fans (including you audiophiles out there). But we can’t do it alone…



Starting Thursday September 6th you can be a part of the crew through a respected fund-raising website called Indiegogo. The process is called "crowd-funding", where fans and friends rally together with the creator to bring a project to completion.



Amin Bhatia has already begun working with award winning producer/engineer Frank Morrone (Lost, The Kennedys and Sleepy Hollow) to transform his original analog baby into a 25th Anniversary 5.1 Surround Edition. It’s not straightforward and it’s not easy but it’s already blowing the ears and minds of everyone involved on the project.



Being the proven overachiever he is however, Amin wants to take the project one step further by creating a very special commemorative package for you, our amazing fans. Intrigued?



Just imagine a glossy, full color Collectors Edition hardcover book containing selected images, digital artist impressions, and the ultimate liner notes to enjoy while the new mix envelopes you. Add in bonus audio, all sorts of video extras, and… well you’re just starting to get the picture Amin has in his determined little head. He wants to turn IS25 into something you’re going to treasure, savor, hoard and gloat about for at least another 25 years—much in the same way you held your very first Interstellar Suite vinyl album so many years ago.



Speaking of vinyl, here's an opportunity to be one of ten people to get one of the last remaining copies: When you become a crowd-funding crew member there are perks for your investment and no contribution is too small! Starting at $10 every level has a cool gift like a binaural mix, the upcoming DVD, a collector's T-Shirt, the glossy hard cover book, early synth experiments (Roland synth users will recognize this stuff), your name in the credits, exclusive listening parties, a private Bob Moog Foundation dinner with Amin Bhatia and a special (secret) guest, and even one of the last ten remaining vinyl LPs from the original release (this plus a whole load of stuff at the $225 level). There's something for every level of support.



So, if you'd like to ensure you're on the mailing list about this project please send us an email now. We'll send you a reminder note on the campaign launch next week - so you can get your hands on one of those LPs -



Do you know other gearheads, audiophiles and fans who'd like to hear about this project? Go ahead and share the info via email, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Pinterest or that old fashioned device we used to call the telephone…The Interstellar Suite 25th Anniversary 5.1 Surround Edition by Amin Bhatia...

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