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Software Update for logic 9.0 (disc version) [SOLVED]


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I'm sure this is a daft newbie question but I have just had a new hard drive (third one in 8 months) fitted to my imac and have reinstalled Logic 9.0 (from discs).


To cut a long story short I had a previous hd fitted a month ago and when I got the software update option after installing logic that time I'm sure it was a 'logic combo" update offered to get my logic to 9.1.7.


This time it's just offering me Logic 9.1.7 with Mainstage 2.1.3,Waveburner 1.6.1 & Pro applications 1.0 2010-12 in a list of 4 updates.


Do I need to do all the previous logic updates before 9.1.7 or will the 9.1.7 update cover the versions from 9.0-9.1.7?


Part of me thinks it's fine but it's just I kinda remember a different logic software update option last time and with this imac being a 'glitchy' machine so far I just want to make sure it's all cool to press the 'update' button.

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