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event chasing problem


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Hi there,


this is probably an easy one to fix but it's been bugging me for a long time:

I'm using cc11 and cc1 to control volume/modulation. I'm moving my external controllers to ride cc1 and 11... so while I'm playing back the sequence and move the controllers, all is good. But as soon as I hit the space bar to stop playback, cc1 and 11 default to some other value, maybe even '0', which is so odd... [so as soon as I stop playing back I'd like to keep playing with the exact cc settings where I left off during playback...]


is this a weird chasing setting?


Any ideas???


Thanks guys!



MAC OS 10.6.8, 18GB RAM, Logic 9.1.7, Unitor 8 mk2

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I don't believe the Unitor sends reset messages on its own. That has to come from Logic.


There is definitely a "secret combination" of settings that will prevent this from happening. I'll post back later when I'm in front of Logic and reveal all.

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With your Prefs set as shown, modwheel (at least) won't reset. How it works with other CC's, though, is something you'll have to experiment with.





You can also experiment with enabling this checkbox in the Inspector (no reset).


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