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Using Novation UltraNova as midi controller in Logic Pro


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Let me first by introducing myself. My name is Mike. I love electronic music...primarily drum and bass. I'm a civil engineer by trade, but have been learning logic inside and out over the last year. I am self taught...but I'm fairly proficient with the program and the software instruments. Up until last week my only hardware instrument was an Akai MPK25. I now have a Novation Ultranova (bought for $150 from a friend who needed money) and a Slim Phatty (bought barely used on Ebay for $600). This website has been of great help (my 1 source). I also highly recommend "Using Logic Pro's Synthesizer's" by Kevin Anker and "Apple Pro Training Series: Logic Pro 9" by David Nahmani. These three sources are all I've needed. Long story short...thanks for your help. Now my question:


I was hoping to use the Novation Ultranova to replace my akai controller and by a midi controller in logic. All that I want is for the keys to play and trigger the software synths. I don't care about controlling the Logic software synths using the 8 knobs at the top of the ultranova.


I have spent 5 hours trying to figure this out, and now I am finally posting. I have downloaded the latest version of Automap (version 4.4). I use Logic Pro 9 as my DAW. I setup Automap with Logic Pro and went through the procedures that were directed. Automap (under Software Setup) indicates that "Logic Pro is detected". Also, in Automap, under "software setup" it indicates that Logic Pro Audio Units are all enabled. When I open up a Logic Software Synth (i.e., the ES M Synth) and Automap I can turn the knobs on the digital synth with my mouse and the movements show up in Automap and the value shows up on the LCD screen of the Ultranova. I have the "Automap" bottom on the Ultranova selected (it is lit up).


Does anyone know (or may have any advice at all) how I can pay the keys on the Ultranova so that they trigger midi notes from the software synths in logic. I just want the keys to work (midi only, no audio). That is all. I'm at my wits end. I'd rather not have both the Akai and the Ultranova. I need the money and want to sell the Akai.


I am using USB to connect the UltraNova to my Macbook Pro. I am using the 1/4" master outs from the UltraNova to my KRK monitors. Thanks for your help.


I don't see how I can be doing anything wrong. Any help is much appreciated. I will let you know if any of your suggestions work. Thanks again!!

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:arrow: Providing that you have done the MIDI and audio connections as directed in Logic and your UltraNova manual, you should see in Logic MIDI IN readout (in the Transport bar) some MIDI activity.


:idea: Acquire proficiencies regarding Ultranova MIDI specifications and settings (i.e. MIDI loops could cause weird behaviour in your system which are often difficult to troubleshoot...).


1- Make sure that you have installed Automap as the first controller, regardless if this is initial installation or an update of Automap.

To ensure this:

-Uninstall the Automap from your computer.

-Unplug your UltraNova and all the other MIDI devices or controllers from your computer.

-Reboot your computer.

-Go in Logic and delete all MIDI controllers from the MIDI Controller Setup Window.

-Quit Logic.

-Put Logic in 32bit mode.

-Install the latest Automap version (currently v.4.4 as of 2012-09-06) as directed.

-Make sure you choose the right Novation product during the Automap installation.

-Make sure everything goes flawlessly; ifnot, restart the process of uninstallation / reinstallation described so far.

-Once the above steps completed, if Automap advises to update the firmware of UltraNova: proceed with same as directed.

-If you had to do the firmware update (mentionned in previous step), you will have to redo (yes again!) the process of uninstallation / reinstallation described so far. (Tedious, I know, but necessary as I went through the process myself several times with the SLMkII and it is the only way I managed to have Logic respond properly).

-Reboot your computer.

-Restart Logic in 32bit mode (as it should have been during the whole process described so far).


Normally your installation should yeld into a set of Automap AU plugins that should be visible as distinct plugins into the various list of plugins available in Logic. Your Ultranova will control the Automap version of the plugins, hence these are the one you need to instanciate in Logic and will then be playable via Ultranova/Automap. The other (regular/ non-Automap version) plugins should be controllable via a regular CC MIDI controller (or Ultranova in regular MIDI - non-Automap mode).


2- Once all of the above is successfully completed and tested, restart Logic in 64bit mode.

Normally from here, if everything is still working well in 64bit mode, you can re-connect / reinstall your other MIDI control surface(s) / controller(s) / gear(s), if any...


:arrow: I strongly recommend that you do the re-connection / re-installation of your other devices in Logic 32bit mode and then switch it to 64bit mode. That 32bit / 64bit mode installation sequence is mandatory when installing plugins (as you probably already know...).


:idea: Save the above mentionned procedure, you will definitely need it at the next Automap / Ultranova firmware / control surface installation / Logic change / etc... update!


Hopes that is of some help...

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