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TKRZ(Electro,Complextro)(WIP) Non absentro :P


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I don't know why you didn't just edit your other post tho, absentro!!! all the way :)


One thing I noticed is that the melody up to 1.00 seems a little disjointed from the melody in the break, I would personally monopolise on the spooky vibe you got going in the break and make that the theme of the track.


As with all tracks tho man this stuff is subjective so don't take what I say too seriously, just an idea thats all :D I Cant comment on production as I'm listening on little ear buds right now :(

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Cheers buddy. I pretty new to forums, it wasnt the first thing that crossed my mind to edit it. Keep it in mind for the when i next do something stupid in a post haha. :)

Cheers, yeah i know what you mean, this was uploaded a few days ago, ive changed that part now for the exact reason that you mentioned. Ill have a full track up soon, so ill probably upload it here and edit this post too.

Hopefully you'll like the finished piece.


Cheers for taking the time to give me some feed back pal, all the best

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