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generative MIDI data programming in the environment?

Paul FM

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Has anyone on here messed about with generative MIDI data programming in the environment?, I wonna be able to create generative patterns/sounds using just the EFM1 and EXS24, ideally in a situation whereby I can 'live jam' the output material rather than concentrate on the timeline grid for structuring, finally I'll need to record as either audio or MIDI data.


hope this makes some sort of sense, these are a few things I'd like to make generative with the help of Macro controllers;


1. Adjustable tempo

2. Note Triggering, Note Length, Note Velocity

3. Volume, Pan, Aux Send (effect plugin level)




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While old and quite complicated.. you might find this article useful..




Also if you google logic environment generative music you will find several 'pay for' videos and other info.. that may be useful such as



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