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Project hanging on "Channel EQ"?


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Hey Mates

I Have a Big Problem with a project in Logic

when Logic Load This Project Hang On " Channel EQ " !!!

and Don't continue !

Once I Removed Logic and reinstall But i have That Problem again !

Please Guide Me


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Possibly, your project file is either corrupted or requires too much resources from your computer...

I would suggest to start a new empty project and import bit by bit from the problematic project and see how it goes. If you can import everything from the problematic source and everything works fine in the new created project, big chances are that your original file was corrupted. Otherwise if it starts to hang somewhere, repeat the process but skip the last import to see if it is the problematic part. Then if the import process goes well all the way, the skipped part was your problematic source. Then start a third empty project and import into it only the problematic (skipped) part to see if it hang your computer again...

You will have inderstand that is only a trouble shooting process (among others). Which could help you decide what next should you do, depending of the outcome of that process.

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