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Automating multiple parameters simultaneously


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Since using Native Instrument's "Massive" VST I've found the macro control function very useful for automating multiple parameters simultaneously within the plugin. I've been wondering if there is any way doing this in Logic pro itself, a way to map various parameters from different plug ins on the same channel strip to one single knob to make for easier automation.


After searching countless youtube videos i discovered that Ableton Live has this macro control feature on all it's channel strips, I was hoping that Logic would have an equivalent. Somebody that I asked said that there would be a way of setting this up within the Logic environment but this is an area I'm very unfamiliar with so I soon gave up after a short while of trying.


Does anybody know anything on this subject?

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yeh, this is something i had a play with myself (although i must admit, i didn't use it a huge amount after!) the reason i did it was to have sort of custom effects.... but you can do it for whatever...


Say you want 1 pot on your keyboard to effect the mix of the delay and the mix on a chorus at the same time -


Open the controller assignments window (command L)


Im not sure if you've done much in this window before, but you'll see three tables and an info section on the right ( zone , mode , control / parameter , control assignment parameter )


The Zone area relates to what controller you are using, say you have an m audio keyboard and a fader fox, you would create 2 zones (plus sign on the bottom of the zone area ) and name each one accordingly.


Select the zone (controller) your currently using (you may just have 1) you'll then go to the modes section. This enables you to use the same control pot for different functions depending on what you want to automate - the same pot could do EXS cutoff in one mode then track volume in another...


Set a mode up called (just for these sakes) called EFM1 - and press the learn button on the bottom right of the control assignments window.... then click on the EFM's FM dial in the center... Then move the external controller you would like to control this function, it should learn it, enabling you to now control the FM with that pot on your keyboard. Now - do the same process again for another parameter, a message will pop up saying something along the line's of ' You've already used this control for something else' but click whatever say's carry on basically....


Now the pot on your keyboard will control FM and (say) Harmonics at the same time.... You can repeat this process for as many pots as you would like across whatever.... So you could a mode that would enable you to control the tape delay mix and the chorus mix at once, or the tape delay mix and the EXS cutoff.....


If your doing modes involving the control of multiple things across different plugin's like that it's probably an idea to save the channel strip's as presets so you can go back to them quickly....


not the most comprehensive guide i know, hope it starts you off though.

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