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Tracks won't play any sounds? [SOLVED]


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hello :)


I just got logic pro yesterday, and I have a problem that annoys the crap out of me, because I cant start tutorials before doing this..


My logic pro won't play my "tracks", I mean look at this:




As you see, there are sounds playing, BUT I CAN'T HEAR ANYTHING!!!! And if its something that is muted - I can't find it... don't know what to do, or which settings to edit :(


This is maybe the easiest question on earth for some people to answer, but this is driving me crazy!! I will delete this thread instantly once I've got my answer.. To the one that wants to help me: I APPRECIATE IT!!!





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Create a software instrument track and load an instrument. You should hear something :) . Your pic shows you're using an external MIDI track. These are used for sending MIDI to external (outside Logic) hardware (or even software) instruments.




Oh God! Now I didn't feel stupid at all. :lol: But I remember I chose external MIDI because I have Axiom 25 MIDI keyboard.. So External MIDI is like a keyboard that creates its own sound, like a synthesizer? or?


Thanks so much for the answer! Made my day (haha) FINALLY I CAN START ON THE TUTORIALS hahaha :)

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