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Translucent green box attached to my cursor


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Hey all,

Don't know what I did but I have a green box similar to what happens when you selest multiple regions while holding the shift key. This box follows my cursor around now and changes shape. I'm sure there's a good reason for its existence in someone else's workflow but it's not helping me! How can I get rid of it?



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You have been befriended by a shape shifting translucent green box.


You should consider yourself lucky.


They are extremely rare.


There is a good reason for its existence.


You must change your workflow to accept the shape shifting translucent green box.


You cannot get rid of it.





It has chosen you.














Sorry...couldn't help myself. :lol:




That is weird.

Restart Logic?

Reboot 'puter?

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WARNING - this following post is long and somewhat rambling. Bear with me, if you will, while I try to make sense of various unexplained phenomena!


All I had to do was walk away from the computer for about an hour, and things returned to normal. This is very similar to a recurring problem I've had when I accidentally activate zooming in the timeline, which happens less frequently than it used to because I'm more careful now. But when it does happen, there is no way to de-activate it, because my cursor won't do anything else. David and others have suggested I keep a favorite zoom setting that I can return to, but the problem is that when I get stuck like this, all the settings in the world and keyboard shorts won't help - I literally lose control of the computer and can't do ANYTHING other than zoom in or out on the timeline. I can't even close the program. So yes, I've rebooted the computer, I've trashed my preferences, I've run Tech Tool Deluxe and Onyx. Everything checks out fine, and every once in a while, I still have this sort of problem. The only solution I've found when I get stuck, besides shutting everything down (and possibly losing some work I hadn't saved yet) is to walk away for about an hour or two. When I come back, I can usually start working again. Really convenient!


Here's something I've been thinking about. I get a lot of system overload messages, along the line of "Logic is too slow to process this," etc. (sorry - I'm not at my music computer right now, and I don't have the message memorized, though I should, because I've seen it enough.) It happens on multiple projects, even those where I've only got maybe three audio tracks and one midi track going. This makes absolutely no sense to me. Even if I've got a few effects on those tracks, should I really have to freeze four tracks so that I can continue to work? I'm not a real tech-y sort but I did a little research and got advice when buying my computer, and the way I understand it, I've got a pretty powerful machine. Anyway, I've noticed that the LaCie drive where I keep all my audio runs very hot. In the past it's done some weird stuff, too, like turning itself back on after I've shut my system down. I'm wondering if all these little glitches aren't due to some problem with the interaction of my external drive and my computer, and I'm thinking about ordering a drive from OWC. People where I work have been using them and recommending them to me. I ordered one for a project I'm working on (at work) and left it on all night while transferring huge video files. The next morning it was still cool to the touch. My LaCie is usually hot at the end of a two-hour session.


Sorry for the long and rambling post, but it actually helped me formulate my plan to write this. These sorts of glitches have happened to me so often that I feel kind of dumb posting about them any more, especially when people have done their best to help. Redlogic, yu just happened to be the lucky one to start me thinking about it again, and when I start thinking, there's always hell to pay! ;)


If anyone is still reading and wants to weigh in, great. If not, I'll just proceed with getting a new drive and see what happens.





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There is a reason for your 'little green box' and it's probably due to something you have installed on your computer.


The reason i say this is because I had a similar issue (linda like the mouse button had got stuck down creating edit 'boxes' when you move the mouse...which never go away until you reboot or leave it alone for a while) Restarting finder would resolve it for a while. in my case it was caused by the Finder mod Total Finder. Once I had removed that and later, got an update for it, the problem vanished... never to return. However, I know of others who have had this issue and in both cases it was the result of a different app (usually running in the background and started upon login) and not TF as in my case, that once removed or updated, resolved the issue. I think one was some kind of Anti-Virus program and one was Default Folder X.. but don't quote me on that as I am not really sure... However, it might give you some insight as to the possible causes for you to investigate further.


Good luck in tracking it down.

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Hey Nigel, I haven't taken the time to do the kind of search and destroy troubleshooting that you suggested, but it finally occurred to me that, rather than waiting an hour, or rebooting and losing unsaved changes, a quick fix might be to put the computer to sleep, and then wake it back up. And ya know what? It works! When I get stuck now, that's what I do. A workaround, yes, but much less frustrating that my other workarounds. Some day when I'm in troubleshooting mode (as opposed to creating mode) I'll re-read your post and see what I can do. Thanks again.
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