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Track 1 does not have 'sufficient access privileges"?

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Why does this happen when I have clients in the studio?


Ok, I've got a project with about 10 tracks, each one either a short narration or a clip of music.


suddenly, the tracks play for 2 seconds then I get 'too slow' errors and the tracks stop.


And I repair all permissions, and reboot.


And when I load Logic again, it takes several minutes to create overviews, and I get the error message about 'sufficient access' for every single track.


What can I do, fast, to solve this?




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it is saved on my Mac Mini Server drive.


One clue--the tracks that are missing are tracks that I imported from an audio CD. When the CD was still in the drive, they appeared. When I removed the CD, they would not be found--so import audio file did not work, I guess?


Also when I removed the CD from the drive, I stopped getting 'too slow' messages, even though the drive had not been playing.

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