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Question on Channel EQ settings.

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On using the analyser on the channel EQ...


Use the analyzer as an educational tool to teach you were the relative strengths of frequencies are in any given part at any given time. If, say, a bass sound is overly "woofy", you can look at the analyzer to learn what frequency band the woof occurs in. Then use your ears -- and your ears alone -- to adjust the EQ to reduce the woof.


...I notice some of my frequencies going above 8db.


You say that like it's a bad thing LOL! Really, why is this a problem?


What is a good level to keep it.


No one could possibly answer that question without hearing the sound in context with the rest of your track.


Should I keep all frequencies below the zero line for a good mix?


No. That's not how mixing is done.


Mixing usually starts off with getting a relative balance between the parts (setting levels). Then you might do a volume automation pass or use other methods to even out (or even exaggerate) levels here and there. Once you have a decent balance, you decide on a track-by-track basis what kind of treatment (if any) each track needs. In the event you have sounds with competing frequencies (two very, say, woofy sounds playing together), you may need to use an EQ to 'carve' out the area of common frequencies in one of those sounds so that they can both be heard clearly. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for what mixing involves. But one thing it definitely doesn't involve is staring at fancy moving graphics and making judgements about the sound from what you see.





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Thanks for the replies.The reason why I asked is that while mixing on my mackie speakers (with no subwoofers) all tracks sound good but finally when I play it on different players the EQ's sound pretty different.For example some of the bass frequencies dont make it to the sub woofers on a player that has one.Ido go by ear judgement mostly & not by sight but I thought looking at an analyzer might help as I'm still not at a level to tell how the overall mix is going to sound when it comes to a CD player.
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