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crashing on new


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I have now done loads of tests:

unplugged peripherals.repaired permissions,disk warrior tests,loaded up with no plugins/audio,trashed pref file,ran in 64 bit,removed templates. all didn't fix.

after looking at logs ,it seems to be hanging at thread 30!

I then set logic to "choose template" and found that logic hanged(if thats the right tense).this is the only clue i've found.I then booted mac from an ext disk with logic and it behaved properly!

I'm now running out of ideas.

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Couple of observations that may or may not be related.......


I know that when 9.1.7 was released a few people (including myself) noticed that certain templates (including the default ones provided by Logic) 'vanished...' and while they were still present in the template folder they didn't show up in the template section itself, in Logic. Never did work out quite why but i am wondering if they changed something, or introduced a bug in 9.1.7 that caused this.. and other issues with opening templates from within Logic.


Some people also found an issue with opening projects by simply clicking ion the project outside of Logic which would then start Logic but cased weird crashes.. If the opening the project from within Logic via the File/Open project method.. it loaded fine.


It sound like your default template has become corrupted... or you saved over the default template with one of your own.. or it's loading a different template (which is also corrupted) to the original that came with Logic.. so.. try restoring the original blank template or create one yourself from scratch and then save as template to fix the issue when you open Logic.


You can also change Logic's behavior by using it's prefs and either tell it not to load the default template when it starts.. or tell it to open a blank project... by changing the Startup parameter in Prefs/General

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