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Shipping gear - Canada - US

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I'm curious if anyone from Canada has had to do this before, or even from America to Canada. As I'm guessing its pretty similar.


I have to send back some gear over to the USA. In my case, Florida to be specific. I'm in Canada, (Toronto, ON) to be precise.


Now, I have the option of either going through the Canadian distributor here or sending it through my local dealer (local music store). In this case anyone who lives in Canada is aware of Long n Mcquade.


Is anyone familiar with how this works? Do I have to get it packaged up before I bring it in? or do I drop off my gear, pay for the shipping, taxes, and whatever else and they do all the other work for me?


Also, how much will I be expected to pay? Package weight will be around 3.5kgs or so. Lets say 4kg give or take.



I've never had to ship 2 grand dollars worth of gear... :roll: Please excuse my nerves :lol:




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Oh, wait... so you're sending some gear you purchased back to the dealer? If so, why not just do it via international shipper such as Fedex? The weight is less than 10 lbs. and of the value, $500 will automatically be covered by the normal cost of Fedex shipping (last I checked). Thinking that it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. And if you stipulate on the customs form that you're returning gear to the dealer then you shouldn't be liable for customs charges.


But if that's not the deal, post back with the specifics of your situation.

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Could do it that way.


Here's what happened.


My interface has an issue going on, and after contacting support they insisted I send back the unit to them for inspection.


They're in the US, I'm in Canada. So they basically gave me 3 options.


#1. They'd issue a RMA and give me directions on how to ship it over to them.

#2. Go to my dealer (local music store) and have them do it for me.

#3. Go through the distributor.


Ironically, the distributor is located right in the core of my city.


So any of those three options are feasible.


But, personally I don't feel like taking care of everything myself, since I'd rather just have my local shop be responsible for all work (which is where I got the GEAR from in the first place)


Ontop of that if I go through the shop, they'd most likely call me back when the unit arrives back. My experiences with "Shipping" and ordering in the last few years haven't been so great, so just another reason to go through the store.


Only issue now is, its a two year old product, and last time I checked it was listed under "1 year warranty". Here's hoping I don't have to pay for any repairs if they find something wrong. Worst case scenario would be, I pay taxes for shipping, I pay the dealer (store) for the work they have to do, and whatever else.


I've never had to do any of these so its all new to me.

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Sounds like you've already figured it out. Take it back to the store where you got it and make them do it.


If you've had it longer than the warranty period, you're going to pay for the repair. If this is the interface with the funky phantom you were posting about, you might just look for a local repair guy, since it's out of warranty. It would be simpler and cheaper, I would guess.

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Didn't think of that Gravity Jim. Good point. Although, not sure how easy it is to find an electrical engineer specializing in audio repairs around here. Either way, the store seems like the best bet.


Here's hoping it isn't too pricey to fix. Since its been like this since the first day. Maybe they'll be kind enough to do it for free ... :lol: ha, who am I kidding


Thanks again guys.

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You don't need a Double E. You just need a repairman... a guy who fixes stereos and TVs and stuff. He may not be factory authorized but he can probably dope out which component doesn't work and replace it. All he needs is a schematic and a multimeter. And yeah, the store should know a guy.
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