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Using my Yamaha KX88 as a midi controller


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Excuse my ignorance in things-midi, I've searched the internet for an answer to this but no clearer. I work on an iMac in Logic Pro 9. I have a Yamaha KX88. I have a midi to USB lead. Am I able to plug straight in and assign a midi channel? If yes, I can't hear anything. If no, will it be possible to connect the KX88 somehow (I know it's old-school)?


I also have an Oxygen 49 midi controller so I was hoping the KX88 would just plug in and work in the same way.


Any answers would be very much appreciated.


All the best.



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Please bear in mind that Midi doesn't mean Audio (sounds)...


Your KX 88 doesn't make any sound by itself.. It is simply a Midi Controller (I believe)


When you use the Midi out from your KX88 you must then use a software instrument within Logic to hear a sound.. The Midi sends notes and other controller data from the KX88 to Logic which then 'plays' the software instrument you have selected...


So select your KX88 Midi as the midi in within Logic's Prefs.


Next create a software instrument track in Logic.


Choose one of the many Software instruments for that track in Logic.


Play your KX88 and you should hear the software Instrument playing.


Press record to record the Midi data (notes) coming from your KX88.


Press Play to hear that data (notes) playing back without you doing anything else.


Now you can create another Software Instrument track and repeat so you end up with multi track recording of different Software instruments.


Hope that all makes sense?

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the transport bar has a bit which shows you if MIDI is coming in. If it is, then your keyboard is working and you can follow N6smith's instruction on assigning it to a logic instrument. If it's not showing any MIDI data then you've got a set up problem.


Regarding it's age, it doesn't really matter, because MIDI hasn't changed since it first came out

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Try this:


1) double check your MIDI connections from the KX to the interface (sometimes the interface is not labelled the way you would expect).


2) To make sure that the Mac is seeing and receiving from the KX, open Audio MIDI Setup (Utilities folder), go to the MIDI page. You should see the MIDI Interface in the AMS window. If yes, click the "Test Setup" button in the Toolbar and play your keyboard. You should see a blue flash on the Interface Icon, and hear a beep when you release the keys on the KX.

If you do not see the interface, you could well have a driver issue (is your interface class-compliant, or does it need compatible drivers.... did you install these drivers if needed?)


If all that is working, Logic should see the MIDI input from the KX.




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