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editing tempo info from an audio file


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I'm trying to open a sample from the loops section in the library (it's a 47% match). I want it to play in double time


Is there a way to remove/edit this tempo information.


This did come up for me a while back, and David gave me a work around, which was to import the audio, then use flex editor to make it double time. However, i'm finding this limiting, because it means i can't preview stuff without going through this process.


Also some of the single hits appear to have tempo information for some reason and it'd be nice to switch this off.


Is the tempo info actually attached to the audio file itself or is it just that logic remembers that a particular file in a particular directory has some tempo info to go along with it? I'm thinking that if the info is stored as part of the audio file, there might be a 3rd party app somewhere that would allow me to edit this metadata?



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Do you have the Apple Loops Utility? You can use it to edit the tempo information of your loops. If you don't have it (for example because you purchased the downloadable version of Logic from the Mac App Store) then you can register a free developer account and find it there: https://developer.apple.com/downloads/


Looping files have tempo information, Non-looping files (such as single hits) don't. So make sure your single hit samples are saved as Non-looping files.

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