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Mapping MIDI controller to select channels


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I am trying to map BCR2000 to select channels (1-8) and be able to move their banks (9-16, 17-24 and so on).


I know there is something called LC Xmu that makes you be able to do that and much more, but I was wondering if there is a way to map it via Learn Mode in Control Assignments window or via Key Commands in Global Commands.


Thanks a lot in advance

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Yes. You can use this technique to map your first 8 faders: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=432


Then for the Next Bank button, learn the desired button and set:

Class = Control Surface Group

Parameter = Fader Bank for Current View

Bank Type = By Bank

Mode = Relative


Do the same for Previous Bank but set Multiply to -1.00.

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Thank you David. I got the second part working - moving the track banks.


However, I think you misunderstood my first question. I am trying to select one of the tracks (to be able to control the instruments within it) with a button of BCR2000. What would be the actual command for a track select in Controller Assignments window?


For instance, in DirectLink mode of Axiom in Mixer mode it just says (Control) Button #1 - (Parameter) Select. I see the setup of assignments in Controller Assignment Parameter window on the right, but can't get to get the actual name of Parameter show up if I try to map such assignment from scratch for one of the buttons with Learn Mode function.

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