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time signature problem


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I started a tune in 2/2. While trying to record, I noticed that the bar of pre-roll metronome (before bar1) was behaving strangely. So I pulled back the start point of the tune to see what was there. There is a time signature marking in 6/4, but for some reason logic won't let me change it or delete it.




How can i get rid of this?



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That's very weird/odd/strange/remarkable/puzzling/baffling/astonishing/enigmatic/mysterious indeed!

Have you tried editing or deleting it via the Signature list?

...or better: delete your 2/2 and edit the 6/4 to be 2/2 - you CANNOT delete the very first TS in Logic. In the Signature List you'll see that it has "no position" :?: , too...



Unrelated extra tip: I just dicovered that when you click on the word "major", the Key Sig changes to it's parallel minor signature (here that's A minor), or to it's parallel major if it's a minor key.

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Hi rev, yeah i do often do that, just i had an idea that i needed to get down quickly, and then when the problem occurred, it became more of a matter of fixing it for the sake of the knowledge than simply finding a workaround. I'm still learning logic, so sometimes these 'problems' can be a kind of blessing if they cause you to do some delving :-)
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The best advice has already been given here: you really never ever want to move the Song Start marker. But you also never want to start recording (MIDI) right at bar 1. If you do so, here are the risks you run, in order of severity:


1) the events you played right at bar 1 won't get recorded, so it kind of defeats the purpose

2) if you attempt to record right at bar 1 anyway, the song start marker may end up moving backwards into the "negative bar area" (bar 0, or bar -1) on its own

3) when #2 happens, basic operations such as simple copying/pasting (especially automation) may no longer work as expected. It can also introduce other strange behaviors.

4) existing automation can become corrupted.

5) fixing the problems in #3 and #4 can be solved by moving the start marker back to 1 1 1 1, but sometimes this can be impossibly hard and extremely time-consuming to do

6) your entire song may become corrupted


But... by starting a Logic project by intentionally moving the Song Start into the negative area you may run the risk of all of the above all the same.


In short, Logic is fatally flawed with respect to recording MIDI right at bar 1, and moving the Song Start for any reason can cause problems too down the line. So it's best to start recording at bar 2 or 3 as opposed to moving the Song Start into the negative area.

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