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Can I send a song select midi message in Mainstage?


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Hello everyone,

I've been using Mainstage for a couple of years and have not been able to use the software instruments due to the number of songs I need in a concert. I have had to resort to using external instruments only using mainstage as a "Bank & Patch" changer for all my external MIDI gear. I have a "HUGE" rig which includes a couple of Korg X-50 Keyboards. I have recently decided to use one of my X-50s in "Multi Mode". The problem is that I now cannot change the Multi numbers! In the "Combi Mode". I can send a bank and patch change to the X-50 using an MSB/LSB of 63 / 0,1,2 for banks A,B and C respectively and the patch number. The folks at Korg said I can't do this in Multi Mode! I must send a song select message! Can someone please let me know what that is and how to send it. There are 127 Multis on the Korg X-50 and I need to be able to call each Multi Instantaneously. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. I hope this is possible. : (

Most Humbly


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