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Song Start is stuck in the negative


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Hi, I am experiencing a strange issue where I accidentally dragged some clips into the negative section of the playhead. Now my song starts in the negative and cannot be changed. Although, I have noticed that I can get closer to 1 every now and then. Sometimes I can drag it to -, or - but never to Anyone else having this issue. I seem to be getting all sorts of little quirks now that I have upgraded to Mountain Lion.



p.s. I have checked that all automation is clear in the negative area including track and global automation.

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This isn't specific to ML, it's been a problem child of Logic's since day 1.


Whether you can fix this easily or not all depends on three things:


1) do you have automation in your project?

2) do you still have regions present in this "negative bar area"?

3) David has a procedure that he's posted here for fixing this. I know that some people have had luck using it (and hopefully he will see this and point you to his previous post on the subject). But in some cases it won't work. So I'd say "hold on tight" and see if David replies here. And if his method doesn't work, I'll point you to the my will-to-live-draining (but effective) method for fixing the problem.

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