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Independent Monitoring and Reverb HELP


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Hello, Ive got Logic 9, an RME 800 interface, a Furman Headphone amp HA6AB and a Presonus Monitor Station ....However these questions may not be Logic specifically ...sorry...as I'm not sure if this is an RME or CUEMIX/TOTAL MIX, solved in Logic (think you can in Cubase!) or just general questions that I have...but any help greatly appreciated!


When recording live demos (4-5 musicians) I want to get 3 or 4 independently controlled headphone mixes to the musos.. No latency, so direct monitoring I guess and a (non recordable) reverb for vocal monitoring...I currently use direct monitoring through CueMIX and put a reverb aux send in the Logic strips and mix that direct and after Mac...but on any playback I'm button crazy trying to remember levels of reverb sends and overal output etc...


The RME has multiple outs with 1/2 currently to Presonus, then to three sets of monitor speakers...The Presonus has multi stereo outs from that to my headphone amp then I run 4 independent volume only controlled headphones from that ...


As every musician wants more of himself in the cans than the others ..


Any suggestions for routing or maybe to buy other gear ( mixer or control surface) I should buy to solve both the reverb and monitoring issues?

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