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Error on Logic bootup -01 Core Audio


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yes indeed. 7.1. Am I missing some updates?


It's getting weirder..Now, I'm getting NO audio whatsoever..just squeels and pops, then a 'error synching audio and midi' error message.




Dual 2.7 g5, OX 10.4.2, 4.5 gb Ram...



It's not the MOTU 828..DP4.6 works fine. I do have a Lucid GenX6-96 clock generator...is there a Prefs setting I may have missed?


only new installs since it last worked is Garritan GPO and M-Audo MiniMonsta/M-Tron plug-ins.


{EDIT} mmm..SoundTrack PRO doesn't work either!! Same high-pitched squeals/pops from the MOTU 828 output.


{edit} OK...ITunes and DP will pass audio. None of my soft-synths will work in StandAlone mode!! (B4/Absynth/Reaktor/etc...




Logic WILL play, however, if I use "internal audio' instead of Core Audio...so..that's obviously the issue...



I've trashed the com.apple.logic.pro.plist and .cs files, repaired permissions, etc.

What other Prefs do I need to trash?? Do I need to reset something in the Terminal??

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I've trashed the com.apple.logic.pro.plist and .cs files, repaired permissions, etc.


Those are legacy preference files regarding recently used Folders, and control surface prefs. To trash your 7.1 preferences, trash ~/Library/Preferences/Logic/com.apple.logic.pro


I would say in your case the first troubleshooting step would be to take the Lucid Clock out of the equation and un-plug it. See if you still get the erro alert.

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Interesting turn of events...


I did as you suggested...unhooked the Lucid Clock, turned everything off (and trashed that other prefs file).


However..this time, when I booted, I turned my drives on first, then turned the 828MKII and Moto MIDI Express XT on (usually I turn the interfaces on first...hadn't been an issue).


Changed the 828 to INTERNAL clock, and..VIOLA..it works :) All soft synths, Logic, DP, Soundtrack Pro...


Sooo...just because everything WAS working fine WITH the Lucid clock before I did the Soundtrack Pro install, I shut down again, rehooked the Lucid, rebooted (with the external drives FIRST)...


mmm..it all WORKS now...WITH the 828 set to Word Clock In....


could this have been a 'startup procedure' snafu on my part? Did the 828 just get 'stuck'? I did powercycle everything last night a number of times during the troubleshooting..


then again..I have been pretty buzzed on Thera-Flu for a few days....


I'll keep a close eye on it.


Thanks ;)

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I constantly get the same error code -1 when I boot, 5 times then Logic boots up and works fine. Here's my system:


Dual 1.8 G5


Built-in audio only


Any ideas what's causing it? Even after trashing my prefs I still get the error. It doesn't really affect operation, mostly just annoying...





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