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Question about SDIR file format


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Hi everyone, i need some information about the sdir file format.

looking on the factory surround sdir files i see many kind o files, for example i see a sdir with 4 channels, a sdir with 10 channels, there's also a sdir with 48 channels (!!!)

so my question is, how is the order of that channels ?

for example a 4 channel how is managed? is a true Stereo ? or is a center to quad ? if i make a multichannel aif how do i have to put the responses ? wich order ? and how can i set the type of IR so space designers will know what to do ?

the 10 channels ones for example, if SpacDesigner supports up to 5.1, why there are 10 channels or even 48 ?

how is the order of those 10 channels ? l r c lfe etc... is there a "true surround" aswell ? this should explain the 48 channel ones.


Does Space Designer supports true stereo ? reading here and there it looks it supports it, so if i make a 4 channel aifc in order to use it as true stereo how is the order, and how can i tell him to use it as true stereo and not as surround? for order i mean somthing like this:


ch1-left to left

ch2-left to right

ch3-right to left

ch4-right to right


where can i get some informations about this ?

is there an SDIR editor around? i'v tryed impulse response utility but it requires to record, i have already the impulses, i need only to make a sdir file correctly and let Space Designer know where every channel has to go.


just to make a quick example, in a true stereo IR, if there is a sound going into space designer only on the left channel, the reverb will be applied to both channel and on the right channel it will be less than the left one, there are 2 impulse responses for each channel in order to achieve this.


thanks for any answer

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