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Mouse problema


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My mouse seems to be activating all kinds of commands on it's own. Such as when I am in track auttomation and am adjusting volue, when I run the mouse over the yellow line, the line changes without me clicking. also this happens with cuts and edits. I took the computer to apple and the genius there re installed Logic but it didn't help, Any suggestions would be greatly apreceated, thanks
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Wonderboy, (I'm assuming your mouse is the wireless variety) I had very similar issues with my mouse. I even went out and bought another one, until I realized that the problem was not the mouse, it was that the wireless transmitter was on the other side of my monitors (screens). For some reason they were distorting/blocking/changing the signal to the mouse. When I moved the transmitter closer to where the mouse sits, the problems went away... completely.


I hope this helps you.

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