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unwanted MIDI out message [SOLVED]


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Hi Guys,


Recently I tried to hook up an external hardware synth (Dave Smith Mopho) to Logic.

I have managed to route MIDI out to it so that I can play the unit's sounds via MIDI regions.

So far so good.

But once I've tweaked a patch to satisfaction and attempt to record the sounds into a new audio track,

the patch on the unit changes when I hit the record button in Logic.

Where do I have to go to configure or edit the MIDI out to NOT do such a thing?

Any assistance would be appreciated.




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That's probably because the Program Change checkbox is enabled for that instrument. So... select the track, and if necessary, expose the middle box of the Inspector by clicking the disclosure triangle. There you will see various instrument parameters. Uncheck the Program Change checkbox and you should be good to go.


BTW, and assuming I'm correct here about the checkbox being enabled, the fact that it is enabled at all is a pretty nasty oversight on the part of the Logic programmers. In short, that box is always enabled and set to some random program change by default. The best way to prevent you from losing your edits it to do both of these things:


• always check ahead of time that the Program Change checkbox is unchecked. In additon,

• if the Mopho has a way of filtering out Program Changes right in the unit, enable that filter.


Now... if the Program Change checkbox is not the culprit, the only other way that the Mopho could receive a program change is if you've recorded one in a region at some point. Might be worth it to examine the contents of your regions for such a thing.

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