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Ultrabeat files were not saved to project folder!


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My hard drive recently crashed. I previously used Logic 8 but installed Logic 9 after the crash. When I attempt to load up my projects, it asks me to locate my Ultrabeat samples individually. Doing a little research, it seems like my problem might be that I never ticked the box for saving Ultrabeat files to the project folder for any of my projects. This is only an assumption but seems to make the most sense. All the samples I dragged and dropped into Ultrabeat before the crash are located on my computer, so they are all there and work.


Do I have to create all my custom drum kits all over again?


Is there anyway to retrieve these settings without manually locating the samples for every project?


Would reinstalling Logic 8 instead of Logic 9 make a difference in loading my Ultrabeat settings?



PLEASE help me out! Thanks!

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