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No sound recording: Behringer Mixer+Audio Interface [SOLVED]


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MIXER: Behringer UB1204FX-pro

Audio Interface: Behringer UCA202


I'm using Logic Pro 9 and trying to get record, but nothing is happening.


I've plugged the Audio interface to the "TAPEOUTPUT" on the mixer from it's "INPUT" jacks.

I also have 2 mics (one for acoustic guitar and one for voice) and 1 El-Guitar plugged into the 1, 2, and 3 "line in" channels on the mixer, as well as my headphones in the "PHONE" jack on the mixer.


I also changed the audio settings in system preferences to use the Audio interface instead of the built-in mic and speakers, and plugging in the computer to the mixer lets me listen to music and such, but doesn't seem to register my guitars and voice.

Could use some help, not sure how to make this work...


EDIT: Here's a picture of the mixer: http://www.copystars.com/images_products/behringer_eurorack_ub1204fx_pro_b16439.jpg


Here's a pic of the interface: http://www.behringer.com/assets/UCA202_P0484_FrontPerspective_View.jpg

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Ok lets start from step one.:


1. Connect the Tape Out on the mixer to the input on the interface.

2. Make sure all the faders are up and look at the mixer's meters to make sure you're getting signal into the mixer.

3. Turn the Ctrl Room Knob up just to be safe (I was wrong about the tape buttons. Those don't really matter in this situation.)

4. Open Logic.

5. Create a new Audio Track(blue)

6. Open Logic's Preferences (not system preferences) and change the Input device to the Behringer Audio Interface and hit Apply

7. Go to the Audio Track you created and make sure the input is set to input 1.

8. Arm the track. (Click the "R" button)

9. Make beautiful music :)

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Awesome got it working now. If I may follow up on this thread with another question: is there a way to separate my three channels through this thing? As is, I'm recording an acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, and my voice on one track, and that doesn't open up for much effects twiddling...


Wait, how are you playing an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar at the same time??

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