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Tidy Kick Drum and Bass Line(without clashing)


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Okay peeps, just a technique I've came up with that you guys might want to use:


Setting up the Kick Drum Track:

1. Bus out pre-fader at 0db. Let's pretend its Bus 5 for this tutorial.

2. It will create an Aux track. Delete that track, you won't need it.


Setting up the Bass Track:

1. After you get the right sound/tone of your instrument, add a Compressor at the end of this track's Plug-In chain.

2. Use the Sidechain option and select Bus 5

3. Make sure the Gain slider is at 0db


Adjusting the settings:(Attack, Decay, and Ratio)

1. With the Compressor plug-in open, Solo the kick drum and the bass line on a loop.

2. Tweak the settings on the compressor until you are happy with it.

3. Turn off the Solos and listen to the whole composition.

4. Adjust Compressor plug-ins more if needed.

5. Profit.




Only use this if you want your Bass to sound like its being triggered by the Kick Drum.

1. Add a Noise Gate after the Compressor and set the Side Chain to Bus 5

2. Solo the Bass and Kick track again.

3. Adjust the Attack, Hold and Decay until you are happy.

4. Turn of the Solos and listen to the whole composition.

5. Adjust the settings again if you need 2.


TIP: Add a simple Sine Bass with a softer attack. Use both the techniques above.

Copy the MIDI information from your Bass track (or record the same notes). Move it to a lower Octave.

Adjust setting until you are happy.



Hope this helps some of you!

FEIGHT(Bruce Pagunsan)

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