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Mapping Ch. 10 MIDI notes to Modulation values for Ch. 1 & 2


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I'm using Mainstage's Orchestral string sounds in a pit orchestra, and I need to be able to quickly change the modulation of the patches to simulate the different ways one plays a string instrument.


For the string patches, a modulation value of 0-10 produces a legato sound, 11-36 a staccato sound, 38-63 a tremolo, 64-91 a half-step trill, 92-117 a whole-step trill, and 118-127 is pizzicato.


I'm using two separate keyboards for the show, because the various articulations overlap so much in every possible combination. As such, my hands won't be free to adjust mod wheels to the correct location (and hitting just the right spot is tricky, anyway), so I need to be able to just smack something and have it set the modulation to the correct value.


Fortunately, one of the keyboards I'm using is a Roland Fantom X, which has a Dynamic Pad bank on the right-hand side of the synth. These 16 pads are usually used to simulate drum kits, but really, all they're doing is sending out MIDI notes on channel 10.


Can I enlist these buttons to set the modulation values for my two keyboards? In an ideal world, I'd also like them to be able to do a patch change to a solo violin/cello or to a more full string ensemble sound, but I can work around that with the setlist.


Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Is there a better way to accomplish this?

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