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Issue with Logic automatically panning sound.


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I am experiencing an issue when using my MPD18 controller to play samples through the EXS sampler in Logic. When I hit one of the pads on the MPD at a high velocity, Logic automatically pans the output audio 61 to the left. If I press down on that same pad even harder, it will pan very quickly to the right, adjusting with the pressure I put on the pad. When I hit the pad just lightly enough to play a sample, the audio stays centered.


This does not happen when I am using the Logic keyboard (caps lock).


I'm basically brand new to Logic, and this hasn't always happened. It just started a day or two ago. Does anybody have any ideas?





PS; I should also mention, I loaded the EXS again but using pre-cut drum samples, and it's working fine. I'm kind of at a loss here.


And another note, as I am testing what I just recorded: when I playback, even after correcting the pan, it will pan by itself again.

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Sounds like your MPD18 pan is sending MIDI CC #10 data - that's not exactly standard! Can you do a factory reset of the MPD18 or simply reprogram that pad to send a MIDI Note event, so that note can in turn trigger a sample rather than moving a pan knob? That's the easiest and best way to deal with your problem.
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