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tuner not working [SOLVED]


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Software monitoring is for monitoring audio inputs - but you're not trying to monitor audio inputs, you're trying to tune a software instrument, so that's not related. You should see the tuner work whether software monitoring is on or off.


Can you attach your .logic file to this thread? I'll test it. First control-click the .logic file in the Finder and choose "Compress" then attach the resulting .zip file here.

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Last night it started working but intermittently, I haven't made any changes either. So I guess I will test a bit more and see what's up


Thanks for looking at it and sorry the instrument didn't save

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I'm having this problem intermittently using Logic 9.


I restarted Logic and it seemed to solve it at least temporarily.


This has happened a bunch in the past and I've never been able track down exactly what is going on.

Made sure Software Monitoring is enabled in prefs.


Logic had been idle for about an hour before, perhaps that's related?



Thanks for any help or thoughts.

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