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An issue with Apple loop utility [SOLVED]

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Hi all


As stated in the title, i have an issue with the apple loop utility i need fix


The point is that i'm making a collection of long loops of ambient soundscapes (all around 1 minute long) that strangely after being rendered as apple loops aren't as supposed, locked at a finite number of measure


Though they're basically concieved as ambient loops (without any rythmic pulsations), they're supposed to be synchronised to a chord or scale change within a composition ,


Therefore i need them to be taylored by the apple loop utility to a finite number of measures


How can i fix the problem ?

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Seems that i made a mistake not to choose numbers of beats corresponding to a finite number of measures, but still...


1) - the files once they're loaded into Logic do NOT even correspond to a finite number of BEATS

2) - The original settings in where the files where saved (original number of beats in particular) doesn't appear in the appropriate page correctly


- Can it be a bug from the apple loops utility ?

- I have the V.3.0.1 (...in frensh !)

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