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"Unexpected request for audio data" message [SOLVED]


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Well, this is the first time I've dealt with this type of message in a long while. Not sure what I did :shock:



It seems to be rooted in a "midi drum region", and happens at the same place, every pass (causing the arrange window to freeze, but music continues); "muting" the track eliminated it's occurrence (giving me the clue that it resides in the "Midi track) :?


I've tried maxing out the I//O Buffer, but it doesn't seem related to buffering... watched the I/O meter, no glitches show there... eliminated the offending region, to no avail :?


Any ideas or suggestions, in eliminating this annoying "go kaput" :wink:

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Ok, it was related to a small region (that was somehow eliminated during recording), of takes, on a Comp track, that had been 'flexed'... if I turn "Flex" off on that track, the message & freeze goes away.


Thanks Eric, it was driving be mad during mixing :evil:

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